GRANT GENERAL CONTRACTORS enjoys a long and successful Project History in Retail Construction from the simple Shop Building to the multi-building Regional Center to multiple locations for some of the nation’s largest Retailers.  Each and every Project has been completed with acute attention to the three cornerstones most important to all Retailers… Cost, Schedule and Quality. We have built for several “Big Box” builders, several different Supermarket Chains, and millions of square feet of Power Centers and Lifestyle Centers. Through this experience, We understands that in the Retail Business, Schedule is paramount so that our Clients are profitable by improving Sales.

Our Big Box Experience has been second to none. Many of these projects are a “hard bid” through a Pre-Qualified Bidder process and others are Negotiated. With millions of square feet completed, we provide a competitive low bid price, complete the job on time, and satisfy our client so we can be called upon for the next job. Our list of completed National and Regional Clients coupled with how many of each client’s Projects we have built is a testament to our dependable Client Service. The same can be said regarding our Market & Grocery Store experience, a work history that is second to none.


We have completed millions of square feet of Grocery Stores and Markets all over Southern California. We understand the unique aspects to this type of Construction…Critical Layout, Plumbing Coordination, Vendor Fixturization, Refrigeration and the hundreds of moving parts at the end to open a beautiful Store ! We engage a qualified Team of the best and most-experienced Subcontractors in the business in order to provide a superior Store.

With Retail Power Centers, We overshadow our larger Competitors by providing a competitive, reliable and responsive approach to the Supervision and Management of a Project, without costly and redundant Management Manpower and Field Staffing. This allows us to provide a superior product at a better value.