About Grant General Contractors


In over fifty years of operation, Grant General Contractors has grown steadily by adhering to its tradition of providing clients with a high standard of professional service and superior finished building projects. The average length of employment is 20 years. This has earned our company the reputation of being “The Quality and Performance Contractor”.   Services offered by Grant General Contractors include:

Pre-Construction Services Construction Management General Contracting
J.E. Grant General Contractors, Inc. (dba Grant General Contractors) is owned by James E. Grant and Jim C. Peevey, Jr. The key personnel and tradition of excellence established by Grant General Contractors, Inc. has been carried forward to J.E. Grant General Contractors, Inc.

For many clients, Grant has provided in-depth management services including Market Study and Economic Analysis, Site Evaluation and Acquisition, Design and Cost Control, Value Engineering, Agency Processing and Turn-key Construction.Grant is a California licensed General Building Contractor and also a California licensed Real Estate Broker.


Our Mission is to garner and maintain the respect of our Clients by always valuing our relationships with Employees, Subcontractors and Vendors.

We accomplish this mission by committing our firm’s full resources to deliver high level of service, professionalism and integrity evident in each project. We ensure this mission is complete by building each project to the very best of our ability, as fast as possible, and with the utmost attention to cost and quality. Our Core Values, evident in everything we do, include:

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