As a true “General Contractor” GRANT utilizes qualified and experienced Subcontractors for all Trades (exclusive of Management and Supervision).

GRANT has a long reputation in the Subcontractor Community as a “Good GC” attesting to our fair Bidding Practices, knowledgeable and responsive Project Management and experienced Field Supervision.

GRANT utilizes “BidMail” for Subcontractor Bid Solicitation, including posting of Bid Documents, Scope Information and Addendums.

Our BidMail Subcontractor Database includes over 3,500 Subcontractors and Suppliers covering all Trades with over 800 Firms active in local projects.

Through our Estimating Department, we “Qualify” Subcontractors prior to providing them a Bid Solicitation (and access to the Bid Documents) including a review of their Relative Project Experience, Financial Condition, Work-on-Hand and Manpower Availability.

GRANT also enjoys the reputation of “Fair Bidding” in that the “Low, Qualified, Responsive” Bid earns the Award. We routinely provide Bid Results to all Subcontractors on all Projects, ensuring that their Bid was analyzed properly and considered for Award.