General Contracting Services

General Contracting Services

General Contracting Services involves a complex and aggressive compilation of activities to bring a Project from conception to reality while providing the Client their Facility with full satisfaction.

Typical General Contracting Services include:

  • Plans and Specifications Review

Complete and thorough review of a Bid Documents including evaluation of all supporting Reports and Investigations, coupled with a commensurate RFI Process to evaluate Conflicts and Issues Pre-Construction.

  • Subcontractor Bidding and Schedule of Values

Complete and comprehensive Subcontractor Bid Process to provide the most qualified, responsive Bids available – producing the Schedule of Values and Contract Sum.

  • Construction

Providing the full range of Construction Activities overseen by competent and experienced Project Supervision and Project Management.

  • Owner Occupancy

Providing assistance with Owner Occupancy, including Partial Occupancy during Construction, if desired, utilizing Phasing and Sequencing Strategies to lessen the disruption to Owner Operations.

  • Post-Construction Maintenance and Warranty

Providing detailed, comprehensive Owner Operation and Maintenance Packages.