Design-Assist Services

Design•Assist Services includes a collaborative team-oriented approach to the design, entitlement and permitting phases of a Project, capitalizing on the benefits of early engagement of the Design Team and Contractor.

Typical Elements of Design•Assist Services include:

  • Cost Modeling
  • Constructability Analysis

Review of all Systems and Assemblies to resolve space conflicts, maximize efficiencies in Trade Scheduling and analyze unique Details.

  • Schedule and Work Plan Development

Develop Preliminary Schedule and Phasing Plans to complement Owner’s Development Strategy along with review and recommendations relating to Existing Operational Facilities, Offsite Construction and Existing Conditions.

  • CUP Submittal

Assist with CUP Submittal Process by early Planning Sessions to outline Tasks, Responsibilities and Expediting.

  • Preliminary Budgeting

Develop Initial Budget and Budget Updates utilizing Historical Cost Data and Subcontractor-provided Cost Information including Cash Flow Analysis and Financing Projections.

Design-Build Services

Design-Build Services include a unique blend of Design Services and General Contracting Services, combined to ensure the desired interaction required for a cost-effective Building Solution.

Design-Build Services typically include:

RFP Development

Develop Civil, Architectural Consultant and General Contractor RFPs including Interview and Selection Processes.

Team Management

Chair the Building Committee and Construction Team Meetings, providing required Documentation including Agendas, Minutes and Task Tracking.

Document Review

Review Construction Documents and provide required Analysis.

Plans and Specifications Review

Complete and thorough review of all Bid Documents including evaluation of all supporting Reports and Investigations, coupled with a commensurate RFI Process to evaluate Conflicts and Issues Pre-Construction.

BIM 3D Modeling Software

Grant utilizes outside Consultants for BIM Modeling. most specifically San Diego BIM Services. Although BIM Modeling/Conflict Resolution are rare requirements for most of Grant’s Projects, our Leadership Team possess the knowledge necessary to work with our Consultant to ensure a successful Design Review via BIM Utilization.